• Elli Wittmann

    Elli Wittmann

    PhD student working at the intersection of AI & Physical Chemistry

  • Manuel Oesch

    Manuel Oesch

    UNITE BEHIND THE SCIENCE !!! Save the World🌍 There is No Planet B 🌱🌲🦢🐝 #climatestrike #fridaysforfuture @fridaysforfuture withdrawthecap.org

  • Bahar Bakkal

    Bahar Bakkal

  • Jan-Maarten Rovers

    Jan-Maarten Rovers

  • Prathameshgujjeti


  • Nightbird


  • Chris Morris

    Chris Morris

    Ton Pentre boy, now settled in Cardiff. Follow the rollercoaster that is Cardiff City FC, Glammy and the Cubbies. Love running, travel and twee guitar pop.

  • Joél Collins

    Joél Collins

    Data Science Cohort Lead at Flatiron School. Occasional Journalist. Former Theatre Artist. The orange hat is a thing.

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