Climate strike in Lausanne

Tomorrow 150 weeks will have passed since we started to school strike for the climate. During this time more and more people around the world have woken up to the climate- and ecological crisis, putting more and more pressure on you — the people in power.

Eventually the public pressure was too much, you had the world’s eyes on you. So you started to act. Not acting as in taking climate action. But acting as in roleplaying. Playing politics, playing with words, playing with our future.

Pretending to take responsibility. Acting as saviors as you tried to convince us that…

Today, eleven months after the European Parliament declared a climate emergency, the very same parliament voted to go ahead with an agricultural policy that — in summary — fuels ecological destruction with almost 400 billion euros. Hundreds of thousands of tweets using #VoteThisCAPdown asking the MEPs to intervene didn’t convince enough MEPs to flip this.

This was made possible thanks to countless lobbyists, but also news editors and media platforms who failed to do their job — to inform citizens about crucial events that concern them. If this does not happen, the elected officials will not be held accountable for…

”We know we’re not in line with the Paris Agreement, we never said we were. But we have to bring the public along slowly”.

Between the four of us, we have met quite a number of world leaders during the last two years and you’d probably be surprised to hear some of the things they say when the cameras and microphones are off. We could write lots of articles about this.

And trust us — we will.

One of humanity’s greatest, present threats is the belief that real sufficient climate action is being taken, that things are being taken care…

I helgen har vi protesterat på flera platser i Sverige mot utbyggnaden av #Preemraff i Lysekil. Om regeringen beslutar att godkänna utbyggnaden så ger Sverige i praktiken upp möjligheten att leva upp till Parisavtalet. Att (som många verkar tro är ett realistiskt alternativ) minska andra utsläpp för att ”kompensera” för detta är en omöjlighet eftersom ALLA våra utsläpp omedelbart måste påbörja en snabb minskning till noll och sen direkt till minus med teknik som inte finns tillgänglig idag. Precis som fantasin att framtida tekniker skulle kunna göra utsläppen ogjorda. Som jag sa i mitt sommarprat så har jag själv besökt…

Greta Thunberg

Climate and environmental activist with Asperger’s Born at 375ppm #ClimateStrike #FridaysForFuture #SchoolStrike4Climate #FaceTheClimateEmergency

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